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Reading enables education, and it is also truly one of life's pleasures -- a source of great entertainment. In fact, in the expensive, fast-paced world in which we live, reading is one of the cheapest forms of entertainment.

Nothing is more pleasurable and calming than reading a good book or listening to an audio book at the end of a hectic day.

Happy Reading!

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San Antone Two-Step
Texas One Night Stands
The Good, The Bad, and The Girly
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Short Story Romances


Brides really are beautiful and deserve their own happily ever after.


JANE (I'm Still Single) JONES

What could be worse for a former high school beauty queen who never landed the only man she ever loved than attending—alone—her 10-year high school reunion in a small town teetering on the edge of a time warp?

At least Morgan Sherwood, the town boy wonder who made good in a big way won't be there. He was once Jane's secret love, a geeky teen who stole her heart and then broke it before leaving town forever.

Too bad for Jane because Morgan arrives with his entourage in a stretch limo—and he's not a geeky kid any more. He's six feet of tanned, rippling muscles, and he has a plan to seduce the lovely Miss Jones.

Can Jane and Morgan get it right this time? Smoldering desire, thwarted for ten years, explodes into passion. Will it burn away their doubts or turn their love into ashes?

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Originally print published, reviewers said this about JUST ONE LOOK: "Taking a cue from the Bard's A Comedy of Errors, the refreshing Ms. Reeves delights." (InPrint)

What would you do if the gynecologist subbing for your regular doctor turned out to be your old high school crush? Successful psychologist Dr. Jennifer Monroe does what any normal, well-adjusted woman would do. She makes an excuse to send the doctor and nurse from the room, dives into her clothes, and flees!

Jennifer figures she'll never bump into him again. After all, Dallas is a big city. What are the odds that she'd ever run into him again? Even money when Fate lends a hand.

Seduction and sex can be pretty funny when both sides play dirty!

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Amanda Whitfield is desperate for a date to her snooty cousin's wedding, but she's a total flop with men. She's so desperate that she accepts a blind date arranged by the man's mother. With some coaching from her best friend on how to be a hottie, Amanda is determined to convert the blind date into a wedding date. She's determined to do whatever it takes to hook a man. Or so she thinks.

Harrison Kincaid, has had it with his mother's matchmaking, and he's determined to teach her a lesson and put an end to his mom's crazy schemes. First, he's got to make his mother's latest prospect, Amanda Whitfield, run in the other direction the minute she lays eyes on him.

Amanda and Harrison are determined—desperate. Desperation makes for funny—and sexy—bedfellows.

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join love and laughter in this sexy romantic comedy with a chick lit attitude!

Burke Winslow stands at the altar, ready to marry his business partner in a marriage of convenience. The minister solemnly asks: "If anyone here knows why this man and this woman shouldn't be joined in holy matrimony, let him speak now or forever hold his peace."

A rain-soaked, bedraggled Ally Fletcher limps down the aisle and shouts, "Stop the wedding!"

Can Ally and Burke peel away the layers of the past and discover the truth about their love and passion? Will the truth free them or put them asunder?

Throw in a pretend boyfriend for Ally and a scorned business partner left at the altar, and you have a rollicking good time—Texas style! Sassy, sexy, and funny!

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Contemporary Romance Novels set in the Alamo City, San Antonio, Texas.


In this sassy, sexy romantic comedy, Darcy Benton is the oldest cliche in the world--a woman in love with her boss, but she's not even a blip on his radar.

Darcy's meddling, matchmaking best friend has a plan to transform Darcy into a hottie designed to attract Chase's interest. All it takes? A couple of little lies.

And a wish on a star. Darcy should have heeded that old advice. Be careful what you wish for.
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Say hello again to Bruce Benton, Darcy's brother, the San Antonio cop who was introduced in Nobody's Cinderella. Bruce has met his match in the shape of Andie Luft, a cop raised by her single parent dad. Andie, with four brothers, learned early how to handle men--never give an inch--and she's not about to yield to Bruce.
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Contemporary Romance novels that are heartwarming, funny, and sexy. Romance and sex. Romance and love. Romance and humor. That's what you'll find in these Romantic Comedies.

There's one rule for a one night stand: never see your one-time lover again. Ever. Too bad for these sassy Texas girls that the rule gets broken. Hang on for dear life as the fun and games begin in these sexy romps that are hotter than a bowl of Texas chili!


To catch a thief, Susannah Quinn, a by-the-book deputy, and FBI Special Agent D. E. Hogan (just call me Hogan), pose as husband and wife and go undercover. Unfortunately, Susannah and Hogan have already been undercover – in a bed at the Houston hotel where they first met.

For her part, Susannah wishes her lapse in judgment would take a flying leap and land on Jupiter. Hogan, on the other hand, wants to get the contrary deputy back in his bed, but the complications caused by family – his and hers – pretty much guarantee that's never going to happen.

Throw in an over-the-hill Romeo and his lady love, a single mom determined to have her own love affair, and the charm of a small Texas town, and you get a story with heart and soul. And lots of smokin' hot passion!

Can Susannah and Hogan, two mismatched lovers doing everything in their power to avoid falling in love, catch a thief and recover stolen jewels? The clock is ticking. They have only seven days – and nights – to complete their assignment and resist the sweet siren call of desire.
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High school principal Judy Anne Palmer was always a good girl who never did a rebellious thing. Ever. One night in Dallas, she decides to indulge in a liberating night of passion. She plans to never see her one-night Romeo again, but the night doesn't turn out the way she planned, and Romeo isn't exactly one-night stand material.

Judy Anne has all she can do to keep her passion from turning into the biggest scandal little Clayton Bend, Texas, has ever seen.
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Available late 2013.
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Available early 2014.
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Contemporary Romance Novels that are heartwarming, funny, and sexy. Romance and sex. Romance and love. Romance and humor. Just what romance readers love!


This cougar-licious romance will make you believe in happily ever after. Meet Stormy Clarkson, mother to three daughters: Haley, Courtney, and Austen. Stormy is haunted by mistakes she made that changed her life. On the brink of turning fifty, she's crushing on a younger man--totally gorgeous, sexy Sean Butler, owner of Sierra Verde Winery.

Stormy is determined to resist Sean's advances, but Sean, once an interrogator for the U.S. Army, knows a lie when he hears one, and that's all he hears in Stormy's icy refusals. The beautiful blonde had better watch out because he's coming for her. To win her heart, he's prepared to: Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.
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Meet Stormy's oldest daughter Haley. Available late 2013.
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Meet Stormy's middle daughter Courtney. Available 2014.
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Meet Stormy's youngest daughter Austen. Available 2014.
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Nonfiction to educate and entertain.

Little Book of Sunshine

Available now at all Major Ebook Sellers.

Little Book of Sunshine is an attitude adjustment disguised as a book. It might even be a manual to happiness and success. Let's drop that negativity like the bad habit it is, and make optimism your attitude of choice. This little inspiration book of self help is designed to lift you out of your doldrums, give you a shot of motivation, and a heaping spoonful of rejection help.

Have you ever tried to achieve something that seemed impossible? Did you succeed or did you have to reset that lofty goal for another time? We accept that lofty goals take hard work, struggle, and sacrifice, but sometimes, no matter how strong your motivation, no matter how hard you try, you just can't make it happen.

Then there's that whole rejection issue we all confront at some point. Doesn't rejection feel like a knife in the heart? If you're a human being inhabiting this planet, then you know what I'm talking about. All of us experience defeat and rejection at some time no matter how hard we persevere or how hard we work. Sure, we know that there are no bargains at the counter of success, but we still don't expect the struggle to be so darn hard.

How do you keep going when everything seems to conspire to kick you in the teeth? Whether it's being rejected by someone you fancy or failing to achieve a goal or just the daily grind of the world's "downer" news, how do you maintain a positive attitude? After all, it's hard to keep banging your head against a door that just won’t open.

Failure to achieve a goal hurts. Rejection hurts. The truth is if you put yourself out there, you risk rejection and failure. Do you feel that you need a little encouragement? How do you persist when you feel little validation for your efforts? Often, there comes a point in the struggle when you just need a little help from outside yourself to lift you up.

If the black clouds of dejection are hovering, and it's raining on your parade, then let this Little Book of Sunshine: For Readers and Writers put a smile on your face, boost your motivation, and give you the energy to continue on your journey to success.

This small book is not just encouragement for women or for writers. This is encouragement for men too--for all readers who love books and like tidbits about authors. Some of the best inspiration quotes come from writers and from those who have faced the same situations of rejection and self-doubt. Self help is best from those who have traveled the same path.

What are you waiting for? The only thing you have to lose is dejection.

MEMORY LANE: My Sentimental Journey

A popular history of the Roaring Twenties, my mother's memoir which I helped her write, shows life in rural America long ago. Edited and published by Joan Reeves.
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WRITTEN WISDOM: Quotation-Inspired Essays
is designed to help you when you need a bit of support or encouragement. Sometimes, it will help you to persist, and, sometimes, perhaps it will help you accept that a situation "is what it is."
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MEMORY LANE: My Sentimental Journey

A popular history of the Roaring Twenties, my mother's memoir which I helped her write, shows life in rural America long ago. Edited and published by Joan Reeves.

WRITTEN WISDOM: Quotation-Inspired Essays
is designed to help you when you need a bit of support or encouragement. Sometimes, it will help you to persist, and, sometimes, perhaps it will help you accept that a situation "is what it is."
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Memory Lane has much to offer to my mother's generation who also lived through those challenging times. This memoir shows younger generations that children, whether they have little or plenty, always know how to be happy, as long as they are loved.
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WRITTEN WISDOM: Quotation-Inspired Essays
is designed to help you when you need a bit of support or encouragement. Sometimes, it will help you to persist, and, sometimes, perhaps it will help you accept that a situation "is what it is."
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