It's never too late to live happily ever after!

Hi, I'm Joan Reeves. I write Romantic Comedy. My novels are funny, sassy, and sexy. They have attitude -- some say a Chick Lit attitude.

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Four Contemporary Romance novels. Each Romantic Comedy is sassy, sexy, funny, and heartwarming.
Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones
Just One Look
Scents and Sensuality
Still The One
Funny, sexy, and full of humor, each Romantic Comedy will leave you with a smile.
Nobody's Cinderella
Cinderella Blue
Four Contemporary Romance Novels about determined heroines and their would-be attempts at being bad girls -- now that's Romantic Comedy!
The Trouble With Love
Romeo and Judy Anne
Forever Starts Tonight
Crazy For Love
Each of these four Romantic Comedy novels that will enchant you with their humor, romance, and passion.
Old Enough To Know Better
Good Girl Conspiracy
Bad Girl Complex
Girly Girl Conquest
An attitude adjustment disguised as a book.
A Memoir and Popular History of Life in Rural America.
Quotation-Inspired Essays designed to inspire and motivate.
Mystery of the Stormy Night is an Early Reader Chapters Book.

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Here's a quick rundown of the pages on the website.

Welcome Page (also called Home Page or Index)

Joan's Books

This page contains a list of my books, broken down by series name and/or category. The series or category names are listed on the right side bar of each page. Click a link, and you'll be taken to a book page with the cover, short blurb, and "buy links" to different booksellers for your convenience -- including audio book editions.

Running With Words

This page has articles about books, authors, reading, and writing.


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The Archives

All previously published articles on the website, beginning with 2010, are archived on this page. (Prior to 2010, I just deleted the articles to save space.) They are organized in categories. Some may appear in more than one category since something for Promotion may also qualify as Business of Writing.

Contact Joan

This page has my bio and a way to contact me. Just fill out the form.


It's never too late to live happily ever after.

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