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Wishing you a wonderful August, full of good books and reading fun! Stay cool!

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"A style that pulls you in immediately, just because her words flow so beautifully. Add to that a little mystery and suspense and you've got yourself one page-turner." —M. Schiller Review

  The worst lies a woman tells are those she tells herself.


Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn a lesson. Usually the hard way. Elizabeth had survived childhood abuse and knew the lesson in store for her now was all about closure. She knew with every brain cell she possessed that the lesson was going to be another hard one, but she still returns to Houston to carry out her legal responsibilities as the executrix of her mother's estate.


She'd left home nearly ten years ago. In all those years, she'd not visited or called her mother, and her mother had reciprocated—as if they had a silent mutual understanding to leave each other in peace. Peace? She'd found none in her self-imposed exile in Dallas. After all this time, why had her mother…lured her back? That's what naming her as executrix was. A lure. Bait for the trap because she'd known Elizabeth, following in her adored father's footsteps had become a lawyer. Her mother had known she wouldn't ignore a legal responsibility.


Perhaps her mother had mellowed as she'd grown older? Did she seek closure from the grave? No. Closure was a myth woven from hope and longing. There would be no closure, but maybe she'd be able to solve the biggest mystery of her life—why her mother had hated her.


Despite her resolve, staying at her mother's house brings back all the memories she'd worked so hard to smother. In a moment of weakness, she allows herself to be swept away by her mother's captivating new neighbor—wanting the mindlessness of passion to banish the pain for a little while. The only problem with that kind of temporary solution is that a woman can become ensnared if she's not careful.



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