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All About Joan Reeves

Hi, I'm Joan Reeves. I write romantic comedy. My novels are funny and sexy and have attitude. Sharing the stories that spin around inside my head is my bliss.

I also write nonfiction -- with most of that aimed at writers seeking success as indie self-published authors -- and children's books too.

You'll find my ebooks at most ebook sellers. You'll also find audio editions of them at iTunes, Audible, and Amazon, where the ebook and audiobook edition are WhisperSync for your convenience.

In 2013, my ebooks will be available as print books too.

My Backstory

I've been print published by the big dogs in New York. Been there; done that; got the tee shirt. That's about all I got. Now I've become an independent self-publishing author, or Indie Author as it's commonly called.

I'm publishing my backlist and original fiction, and I'm proud that my books have all been on various ebook and audiobook bestseller lists.

Why I Write Romance

I love writing books that make you smile and even laugh out loud sometimes. I tell the story of a man and a woman who are made for each other, but they just don't know it. Yet.

Why? Because I think the the world needs more stories about the power of love to change people. My contemporary romance novels are stories with passion, sex, and humor because the world can be a pretty grim place too much of the time. Love and laughter gets us through the hard times.

Inside Info

I have the most wonderful husband in the whole wide world. He thinks I'm beautiful, brilliant, and fabulous. (What a discerning man!) I was blessed with a brave dad who fought on D-Day and a beautiful mother who loved history and books.

The men in my life--my dad, my husband, my brothers, and my sons--inspire me to create a hero who does the right thing. My heroines embody personality traits and attitudes that I admire and see in many women I've known, including my mom, my sisters-in-law, my daughters, and my friends, thus resulting in heroines who are persistent, enduring, strong, and intelligent.

With four children, who think they are adults, and a ghost dog, I have all the ingredients for a life filled with love and warmed by laughter.

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