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Can Jane and Morgan get it right this time?

What could be worse for a former high school beauty queen, who never landed the only man she ever loved, than attending--alone--her 10-year high school reunion? Not much, according to textile designer Jane Louise Jones as she prepares to endure the weekend in her hometown, just south of nowhere in the rolling hills of Louisiana, with her grandmother and the rest of the well-meaning Vernon Ladies Bridge Club trying their best to find her a husband.

Jane agreed to attend the reunion because her best friend told her that Morgan Sherwood, the town boy-wonder who made good in a big way, was going to be a no-show. Morgan, once her secret love, was a geeky teen who stole her heart and then broke it before leaving town forever.

Isn't it awful when you can't trust your best friend? Morgan arrives with his entourage in a stretch limo, and he's not a geeky kid any more. He's six feet of tanned, rippling muscles, and he plans to focus his high-powered brain and every seductive charm he possesses on the lovely Miss Jones.

Praise for Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones

1. Listed as 1 of 5 GREAT Indie Romance Novels by Amy Edelman of on Aug. 30, 2011, on
2. Reader Review: LUV IT, LUV IT!!!, August 1, 2011, By Gisela: "Amazing luved [it] so much, want [to] read more about Jane and Morgan. Was Sad that story was short. But I really enjoyed reading it!!!! Luved how Jane and Morgan had it for each other since High School and how they didn't marry no one and ended with each other even after 10years!!!"

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Comedy of Errors Courtship

What would you do if the gynecologist subbing for your regular doctor turned out to be your old high school crush?

Successful psychologist Dr. Jennifer Monroe does what any normal, well-adjusted woman would do. She makes an excuse to send the doctor and nurse from the room, dives into her clothes, and flees!

Unfortunately, her running away makes conscientious Dr. Penrose conclude she has some kind of sexual hangup. He's determined to refer her to another doctor for her health's sake. If he can just talk to her, he'll suggest counseling for what he thinks are emotional problems.

Jennifer refuses to take his phone calls, and she plans to never see him again. After all, Dallas is a big city. What are the odds that she'd ever run into him again? Even money when Fate lends a hand.

When Jennifer and Matt meet at a charity gala, he earnestly urges her to seek professional help. Jennifer is incensed that he seems to think she's some frigid old maid. All the old high school resentment floods back, fueling her determination to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.

With Jennifer, payback is a scorcher. Kids play doctor, but these doctors play seduction games. And they're playing for keeps.

Will Matt recognize Jennifer? Will Jennifer lure him into her bed? Seduction and sex can be pretty funny when both sides play dirty!

Praise for Just One Look
Originally print published, InPrint review said: "Taking a cue from the Bard's A Comedy of Errors, the refreshing Ms. Reeves delights."

Funny and Sexy, Reader Review by Stephaniemc, 08/18/2011
"This was a great book!!! It was a quick read, once I started I couldn't put it down! It is the perfect balance of humor and sexy romance. The main character is so believable and you can definitely put yourself in her shoes right from the beginning with the detailed and creative writing style of Joan Reeves. I am hooked!!"

Fun Romantic Comedy, Reader Review by Nairia, 11/13/2011
"This book is entertaining from the start. Even on parts when I really didn't think it was believable I find myself with a smile in the face. This book is perfect for when you just want to read something that would make you laugh and relax. I recommend it!"

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Sweet lies, sweet seduction, hot passion. Is it Love or Lust?

Perfumer Amanda Whitfield is desperate for a date to her snooty cousin's wedding, but she's a total flop with men.

Eavesdropping on the lovely blonde's conversation, Harrison Kincaid's mother interrupts and suggests her son, a computer genius, would be perfect for the job. Completely desperate, Amanda agrees.

With some coaching from her best friend on how to be a hottie, Amanda is determined to convert the blind date into a wedding date. She's prepared to do anything to hook a man because there is NO way she will go to the wedding without a man on her arm. Well, almost anything.

Computer genius Harrison Kincaid has had it with his mother's matchmaking. He's determined to teach her a lesson and put an end to her crazy schemes. But, first, he's got to make his mother's latest prospect, Amanda Whitfield, run in the other direction the minute she lays eyes on him.

Amanda and Harrison are determined—desperate. Desperation makes for funny—and sexy—bedfellows.

Sweet lies, sweet seduction, and hot passion. Is it Love or just Lust? Will the truth set them free or rip them apart?

"The backdrop of Amanda's perfume business sets the tone for the sensuality that runs through this book. If you like a hot, sensual read, this is your book."~ S. Muller

Joan Reeves has another clever romantic comedy in Scents and Sensuality. Amanda Whitfield is a heroine with whom readers are sure to fall in love. And Harrison Kincaid is too yummy to resist. I love the main characters and also loved the secondary characters. The pace is perfect and so is the story. ~ Caroline Clemmons

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Burke needed a wife--but he didn't have his ex in mind for the position.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join love and laughter in this sexy chick lit romantic comedy!

Burke Winslow stands at the altar, ready to marry his business partner in a marriage of convenience. The minister solemnly asks: "If anyone here knows why this man and this woman shouldn't be joined in holy matrimony, let him speak now or forever hold his peace."

A rain-soaked, bedraggled Ally Fletcher limps down the aisle and shouts, "Stop the wedding!"

What follows is a funny, sexy romp that proves when there's love, passion never dies, it just smolders away until you toss some gasoline on it. Burke and Ally discover a rekindled passion that threatens to scorch them when they find themselves locked in a marriage - - of inconvenience!

With a cagey grandfather pulling Burke's strings, and an equally cagey grandmother manipulating Ally, can these two battling lovers peel away the layers of the past and discover the truth about their love and passion? Will the truth free them or put them asunder?

Throw in a pretend boyfriend for Ally and a scorned business partner left at the altar, and you have a rollicking good time - - Texas style! Sassy, sexy, and funny!

Praise for Still The One
Originally print published, reviewers said: "Curse the talented Joan Reeves when she keeps you awake all night with her latest comedic romance, Still The One, romantic comedy at its best." (InPrint)

Awesome, Reader Review by milagro83 (Rochester,NY)
"I bought this book after reading others comments. I fell in love with it after the first few pages!!! Very romantic...."

Still The One, Reader Review by Brat
"Another excellent story and characters with humor. I'll definitely buy more of Joan's books, the 3 I've read so far have all been really good."

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